Replica Valentino Lock Mini leather shoulder bag

Girls love bags usually start from the classic models to buy, but when the classic buy to a certain extent, will very much want to buy different packages with others, especially the limited or exclusive style. I know a lot of powder has now completely bought this stage, so this package, Mr. Replica Valentino Handbags exclusive and exclusive cooperation for the other people in advance all the others, bringing the latest eight Rockstud Spike package, the other mortal to take some time To buy in China’s stores.

However, before we introduce this package, Replica Valentino Bags Lock I know a lot of powder are particularly loving Valentino, Valentino Rockstud, especially the favorite rivet series. Valentino rivets inherited the brand has always been elegant, but also revealed the modern sexy and handsome, so quickly gained a lot of people’s favorite, and now has become the most representative Valentino accessories design.

Replica Valentino Handbags

In fact, the early Replica Valentino Handbags has always been famous for its gorgeous dresses. This is now the world’s first big brand is actually the earliest from a small shop in Rome began slowly conquered the world’s fashion-loving ladies. From red-carpet guests to celebrity politicians, Valentino’s dresses are sought-after by superstitions and superstars, appearing on the most luxurious occasions such as the Academy Awards.

Replica Valentino Bags Rockstud series was launched in the spring of 2011. However, in fact, as early as 2008, Valentino introduced a very popular rivet replica bag tote models, called Maison Studded tote bag, Gossip Girl small Jenny had taken the purple bag is this!

Replica Valentino Handbags

Speaking of rivets this element is generally taken like Punk such a cool route, used to show the girls rebellious uninhibited personality. Valentino’s design style has always been noble and elegant, like a fairyland dreamy aesthetic. Combining these two charisma, Valentino’s rivets are designed as a “Rockstud” that looks more regular and highly textural, and marvelously combines the two distinct styles. Handsome girls will be more up to pick up the sense of elegance, the girl picked up more personality.

You do not think it is too rebellious publicity, nor elegant people can not get close, with the patent leather, camouflage, rainbow, bow tie and other classic elements of Valentino are just right with. As one commentary from New York magazine put it: “Two completely different things are put together, and a strong contrast creates the rivet’s success.”

Replica Valentino Handbags

The original design of the Rockstud bag line was the Valentino Rockstud Tote, a large-capacity tote that appeared in a hooked-edged form with handles and shoulder straps. Once launched, it was sought after by countless fashion and Hollywood stars. From this tote bag, Rockstud began to get popular.

The success of this replica bags tote lays the groundwork for the long-term introduction of later rivets, introducing mini models and more in different sizes and packages. Oscar actress Jennifer Lawrence is a loyal user of this package, has been back in this package. She is just a very special one, joined the turquoise and black gold rivets design.

Valentino is also one of Rockstud’s signature collection. The double-stranded design of the metal chain allows this packet to be both shoulder-length and diagonal. The biggest feature of this bag is that the front part of the bag body is a design that can be set in your hand, and the metal chain is taken off. This bag is a perfect hand bag.

Replica Valentino Handbags

Blake Lively in the Gossip Girl is used to put the rivet part of the hand in the collection method, with a very gorgeous skirt to attend the event. In addition to doing this hand bag package, in fact, with casual wear is also very good. Freeze off a single chain back, elegant little double-stranded back.

Rockstud series of several bags, up to now one of the most popular is the Valentino Lock bag, and some people will call it Glamlock. This replica bag tote is divided into mini, small and medium, but also both shoulder and diagonal. Flip bag design is very elegant, Rockstud these bags are the most feminine.